Voice of the Blue

An Interview with Doug Monda

November 28, 2022 Royce Bartlett Season 1 Episode 13
Voice of the Blue
An Interview with Doug Monda
Voice of the Blue
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Show Notes

The mental and emotional toll that the law enforcement profession takes on even the most stalwart police officers can be debilitating. Such was the case with Doug Monda, a hard-charging, heavy hitting SWAT team leader for the Cocoa Police Department in Brevard County, Florida. In spite of being a triathlete and born for police work, he was badly affected by the daily scenes he was called to and the lack of basic humanity in the criminal element of society. After being badly injured and told he'd never run again, the pressures became too great, and he attempted to take his own life. Thankfully, he failed. He now runs an organization he founded called Survive First, which comes to the aid of cops in crisis, and he has been directly instrumental in talking many of his fellow cops "off the ledge", so to speak.
Tune in to hear Doug's incredible story and journey and share it around. While you're at it, make a donation to help cops in crisis at www.survivefirst.us , and we thank you in advance for your generosity and care.

Survive First, Help for Cops in Crisis
Help for Cops In Crisis

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